Are You a Chaser or Living Your Dreams?

As I watching a football game, the fans were booing the home team. I often think how would a fan feel,  if the players came to their jobs and booed them at their performance. The fan is paid to be entertainment, but not good enough to be in the game. I have heard of the tedious workout schedule Kobe Bryant and Tiger Woods have.  As I imagine how most  employees would say if they had to work 10 to 12 hours day, I visualize a lot of complaining. Most of us want the benefits of a better life, but do we want to pay the price? I can recall a minister friend of mine that liked my ’96 black ragtop Cadillac, he wanted the car, but not the car payment or better yet, the responsibility that comes with the car.

Ask yourself, “When will our economy get better?”  I have heard 2nd half of this year, 2015, and 2022. No one person  or one party can fixed this, it must start with ourself. I do agree Wallstreet can take a lot of blame and rightfully so.So what? We can keep blaming or become apart of ‘your’ solution.

As I speak to each one of you, you have no idea the talent pool my clientele has. Collectivley, we can help each other or point someone in the right direction.  This is why I have decided to reconstruct my next event. I know what I would like to schedule, but the event is about you. I want to hear from you: I only have one question. The more responses, the better the format will be.

Please click on the survey question to let us know, how can better assist your business needs for my next event. Thanks

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