Why You’re Not Getting the Results You Want From Your Marketing

Before the 1980s, selling was simple because the marketplace was a lot less crowded. There was less competition, fewer choices, and not much information available to a customer. If you wanted a Chevy, you’d simply go to the Chevy dealership and get one. There weren’t 6 dealerships to get a Chevy from, 5 magazines rating the different Chevys and 12 websites giving feedback and surveys on the various makes and models of Chevys. Nope, there was just one dealership. So it was easier for customers to make a buying decision. “In the days of simple selling, the seller had the power because the buyer had very few choices.”

Now we’ve got a new situation, there’s now increased competition, information, choices and more buying resistance. Buyers have access to a tremendous amount of information about a product or service. Buying cycles are longer. There’s now price competition that didn’t exist before. “Now buyers have the power because they have more choices and access to more information.”

Adding to this is “The Carbon Copy Scenario” (see our other article). This is the consumer’s inability to determine whether any of the companies they’re considering are any different, better or worse than any of the others. Since all of their marketing is underdeveloped, underleveraged and essentially says the same thing, the only difference the customer can determine is…the price!

As a result, many business owners are forced to compete on price, which is always a losing proposition. Compounding the situation, their marketing strategy doesn’t address “The Buyer’s Spectrum” (see our other article) and “The 6 Stages Of The Customer Buying Cycle”. Since they lack effective follow up systems, the majority of potential new customers are lost to their competitors.

We’re going to discuss the 6 stages of the customer buying cycle and how it affects you.

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